This summary, 2-hour class introduces you to the least cost and most expedient way to choose the right dog for your specific physical and emotional needs and circumstance. The class also covers resources available to train your pet for a particular purpose, such as providing therapy dog services to the public.

Class features:

  • Live, Virtual, 2-Hr. Non-Credit Courses, Using Zoom
  • College Expert Instructors
  • Concise, Comprehensive Presentation
  • Q & A Sessions for Your Specific Needs
  • Post-Class Support
  • Resource Guide Included
  • “Excellent” Class Evaluations
  • Easy Registration
  • Next Class Offered, Saturday, June 12, 2021, 9:00 am to 11:00 am

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With COVID-19 immunity in sight, now is the right time to certify you and your dog to become part of the community healing process. In this live, engaging, two-hour online class, you will learn from practicing therapy dog handlers how they bring joy and happiness to people in various environments and facilities—from hospitals to airports, from courtrooms to community policing. This course shows you how to pass the therapy dog handler’s written and behavioral tests at the least cost and quickest way. The class provides a detailed understanding of the certifying process, therapy dog training tips and resources, evaluation requirements, practice test videos, and post-class support as you work toward your therapy dog certification. We combine live student questions and answers, lectures, demonstrations, videos of therapy dog evaluations, and a comprehensive therapy handler resource guide with over 50 valuable website links. Instructor Richard Katz is a nationally recognized therapy dog trainer, handler, educator, and industry expert.  Registration Coming Soon: Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive course description, instructor background, and registration instructions.